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I loved Zayed Hotel. Once I walked in I felt like I was in a museum.
They have spectacular furniture and fixtures matching Egypt’s history. The corridors are filled with beautifully framed papyrus of all kinds of scenes from ancient Egypt.
The room I stayed in made me feel like I was accompanied by Cleopatra herself. I would stay in the Zayed Hotel again if I had to return to Egypt.
John Peter Atkinson
I will like to know more about your product.
Kindly provide me information on above product

John Peter Atkinson
Purchase Manager
Are you having A problem In Your Anti-breeze Negative Defaced notes and spending too much money just to clean your deface currency? You are at the right place now. We are the Chemicals marketing company here in Ghana. It impresses us to bring to your notice that the Chemicals marketing company have Original currency Laboratory and Equipments use in cleaning all kind of Negative Defaced note and semi processed Currencies, like Anti-breeze Bank notes and deface Bank notes.

We manufacture and sell of all Kinds of chemicals and chemical Powder which includes: SSD, SSSD, H2O, ETC... We supply all materials used in treating and cleaning of any type of defaced currency, Pounds, CFA France, Euros, dollars and other currencies.
Our qualified professionals are ever ready to meet and handle the clean if you so wish, also we help and clean for the customer who don’t have money to buy chemical after a consultation fee, with our Local AGENT In all continent. Contact us immediately.

Our Chemical Department
Mr. Royal.